About: The Shelter Report

The Shelter Report is an online resource bank for animal welfare professionals that reports and analyzes industry knowledge and trends. We specialize in private consulting, generation of semi-customizable documents and resources, animal population data analysis, process improvement, and experimental study design.


About: The Shelter Report Foundation

A portion of the revenue generated from The Shelter Report will funnel to The Foundation which provides grants for animal welfare organizations.



About: Darlene Duggan

The Shelter Report founder, Darlene Duggan has over 10 years of experience within the animal welfare field holding various positions including Volunteer Director and Special Projects Manager with a high volume private humane society, Operations Manager for a municipal animal control facility, and Manager of the Technical Support Department for a major animal management software company. She has also written for Chicagoland Tails media group. She is a graduate of The University of Chicago and holds a Master’s degree in Biostatistics and Epidemiology. When she is not thinking about animal welfare, Darlene is spending time with her husband Ryan, daughters Keegan, Regina, and Madeleine, and her much loved dogs Sidney Einstein and Sabrina DaVinci.



How It All Began

The Shelter Report started as an idea in 2011. A desire to extend her love of the operations and theory behind animal sheltering encouraged Darlene to launch a blog dedicated to discussing animal welfare and sheltering topics. As is the case for many animal welfare organizations busy saving animal lives, there is a lack of time spent on proactive strategic planning and analysis of current operations and procedures; The Shelter Report is intended to fill that gap. After many successes with the early blog, in 2013 Darlene had a desire to do more than write for an unknown audience–she wanted to provide more targeted and useful services to the animal welfare community and thus was born the new Shelter Report. But, it is not enough to stop there! In addition to providing consulting services, The Shelter Report Foundation will also supply grants to those same animal welfare organizations.