The Shelter Report will assist your organization with any operations projects, ideas, and programs.


In the past, we have worked with groups to implement the following types of programs:

  • Volunteer Programs
  • Adopter Follow-up (Adopter Support) Programs
  • Medical Protocols
  • Monthly Statistical Reporting
  • Owner Relinquishment Preparation Program
  • Public Food Pantry Program
  • Foster Programs
  • Scheduled Intakes


Full Consulting Services

Our consulting services will be available for animal welfare organizations looking to evaluate operations, develop solutions to problems, and implement progressive programming aimed to save more lives. We can also conduct a full shelter evaluation to identify areas of strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities and assist in implementing a complete organization strategic plan.


Grant Opportunities

The Shelter Report understands the importance of securing funds to keep animal welfare organizations pursuing their missions. Adoption, relinquishment, or municipal contract fees and general donations from the public are not enough to cover operating costs, so it is necessary to seek funding from outside sources. Finding and writing grants for your organization can be a daunting, year-round task. The Shelter Report will assist in researching, writing, and managing appropriate grants for your organization. If renewal is an option, we will even set monthly/annual reminders so you can stay on top of potential funds available to you.


The Shelter Report is available to consult on any idea or project you have in mind, so contact us today to discuss.