Data Analysis

“If the statistics are boring, then you’ve got the wrong numbers.” – Edward R. Tufte


Statistics are as important in managing an animal welfare organization as are good husbandry techniques. But, with the amount of work to be accomplished each day in a shelter, it is easy to understand why they sometimes take a backseat to other tasks. Capturing good data and then using that data to plan and adjust to changes in your population will help your shelter go the extra mile in all operations.


Profit-Highfive-Simpletutorials.netStatistics Matter

Are your statistics hiding in a pile of papers somewhere in a storage room? Do you use a software program to record your data, but haven’t run a report in a while? Has the data entry techniques and priorities of your staff drifted in recent months? If so, it’s time to get back on track now.


Statistics matter. They matter to your community of supporters, they matter to your granting organizations, they matter to your board of directors, and most importantly, they matter to the animals in your care. Statistics not only tell us where we have been, but they enable us to forecast the future as well, and staying on top of your numbers allows you to recognize trends (good or bad) so you can be proactive rather than reactive to changes in your environment.


The Shelter Report can organize your data, analyze your numbers, help strategize as a result of the data, and also assist in collection. Click here to request a custom quote.